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Russia is a modern and dynamic country full of life-time opportunities for young people willing to get quality education, enhance their knowledge, improve skills and boost international experience. Russian universities present the highest standards of teaching, meet all quality criteria and are becoming more and more international. They constantly move forward and develop, being a driving force of Russia's success story. Excellent and open-minded professors, student-centred staff, modern facilities and a variety of courses taught in foreign languages make Russian  universities very attractive for foreign students. It will all serve you to support your personal development and professional career.

Russia is a great country in which to study. Here, you will find a wide selection of courses you can take at low cost. Russian universities are eager to welcome foreign students. Education in Russia has a long and impressive academic tradition. In almost every big city, there are government institutes, academies, universities offering undergraduate and postgraduate education. Russian degrees and diplomas are recognized in the worldwide. Studying in Russia gives you a solid education and a better chance to find a good job in the EU and across the world. The high quality of education in Russia can be seen in the fact that many Russian scientists have built international careers.

The Ministry of Health and the Medical Industry of the Russian Federation is the supreme authority functioning under the Russian Government in charge of public health and medical industry as a whole throughout the Russian Federation, All the Medical Institutions of the Russian Federation come under its jurisdiction.

Russia is rapidly emerging as a destination for foreign students. Read on to discover the attractions of choosing to Study in Russia, and for advice on Russia's best universities and student cities. Studying in Russia represents an opportunity to get to know one of the fastest developing countries. State Universities of Russia have a well-established reputation for excellence in teaching and research and is consistently ranked amongst the top universities of the world by both government and independent surveys.

Welcome to study in Russia-Admission open for 2017

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